Your “Dream” Ceremony


The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for.

Barbara Kingsolver

Last summer a couple hired me for their wedding that took place last month. 

We had a great first meeting – they wanted a ceremony that honored them as a couple and that included certain cultural traditions. 

Because they booked me so far out, I suggested we get together again after the holidays, in mid-January. I left it up to the couple to contact me, though I assured them that I’m available at any time.

Well, the couple emailed me just two weeks before their wedding and they didn’t have time to meet in person. 

The bride explained she’d been so busy with other preparations that she “totally” forgot about the ceremony.

Sadly, they weren’t able to have any of the personal elements they wanted – not even their own vows – because they’d run out of energy and focus. 

They were too busy with last minute details to worry about the ceremony.

As a wedding officiant I’m biased, as I happen to believe the ceremony is the heart and soul of your celebration. 

I felt for this bride who was so obsessed with creating her dream wedding that she neglected the ceremony.

I’m surprised at the number of couples who talk about their “dream” reception, “dream honeymoon,” BUT have no idea what their “dream” ceremony looks like.

I think you can have a great reception even if you have a dreadful ceremony. 

However, if you have a great ceremony, it propels your guests into the party and reminds them of what it is they’re celebrating.

So, what does your dream ceremony look like?

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