Pre-Marital Communication Counseling

I provide pre-marital counseling to couples wanting to strengthen their communication skills.

In the short term, these skills help you negotiate the wackiness of wedding planning and in the long term, help make your life strong and sane.

While each couple comes to me with their own particular issues and concerns, common themes have emerged. I’ve helped many couples develop new skills that allow them to:

  • Express emotions without saddling guilt trips on each other
  • Argue fairly so they don’t drive each other crazy
  • Listen so they can both be on the same page
  • Look at challenges from each other’s P.O.V. so they can solve seemingly unsolvable problems
  • Resist pressure from family and friends and so make decisions that honor and reflect their vision

With humor and sure insight, I show couples how they can protect each other from the craziness of wedding planning so as together keep a healthy sense of “I” in their “I Do!”