When Love Is as Simple as Changing a Light Bulb!

The Sunday edition of The New York Times is known for many wonderful sections, including its Weddings section. 

Each week they profile a couple with a unique or whimsical angle to their story.

This item – which appeared in The Times 17 years ago – is one of my all time fav tales of love and marriage. I was utterly charmed by it when I first came across it and remain charmed by it. I think you will be, too. . .

Read it and then ask yourself –

What light bulb can I help my partner change?

The New York Times

July 13, 2003

By Lois Smith Brady

Before Cheryl Kleinman married Frank Palombo 10 years ago, she was a wedding-cake maker living in Greenwich Village with her beloved cat, Betty.

She was single, footloose and artsy.

He was a practical divorced electrician with two young daughters.

She had grown up in a small Jewish family in New Jersey, while he belonged to a large Roman Catholic Italian clan on Staten Island.

On their 10th anniversary this week, she expects that he will give her something like a power saw or glue gun. For her birthdays, he has built her a screened-in back porch and a marble fireplace.

Ms. Kleinman said, “There were times when I thought: ‘What was I thinking? I should have married a nice Jewish boy who knows I want diamonds for every birthday.'”

She then added: “But I’m really glad we’re so different. I don’t know how to screw in a light bulb. Without him, I’d be living in the dark.”

May you and YOUR partner always live in the light!

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