What I’m In The Business Of –

The other day I was on line at a Starbucks when a man tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and had no idea who the guy was. He smiled and asked if I was “JP”. He then told me that I had officiated his wedding 9 ½ years ago in Westlake Village. Suddenly, I recognized Fred and certainly remembered his wife, Rosanna. I was blown away that he remembered me!

Fred told me that he and Rosanna were grateful that I had been a part of their day and that they still smile when they look at photos of their ceremony.

I was very moved – and I share this, not to give myself a pat on the back BUT to let you know that Fred reminded me that I’m really not in the business of marrying people.


I’m really in the business of creating happy, life-giving memories.


And for that, I’m grateful. . .


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