What Are You Looking For In Your Partner?

As I continue to go through my files of saved wedding tidbits, I came across this quote whose author I don’t know (obviously, though, a very smart person!)

When I read this, the first thing that popped into my head was – how ironic that couples want the celebration of this “chemistry” to be “perfect!”

One of the tests of finding the right person is to ask ourselves if this is the particular form of selfishness and egotism we can live with. Considering the difficulties of marriage, we might pose the question on a grander scale and ask if this is the particular form of insanity we can live with.

A sign of possible success is our ability to answer in the affirmative. It means the chemistry is right, and also that we are looking not for perfection in our partner but for a mutual exploration of imperfections.

But there’s more. . .

Are you able to make the vow to be faithful in your shared and “mutual exploration of imperfections?” 


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