Do You and Your Partner Laugh Every Day?!


Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.

Rose Franken


I recently happened on an old issue of Vanity Fair magazine, in which fashion designer Marc Newsom offers a profile of fellow men’s wear designer Paul Smith. I happen to really like Paul Smith shirts and so I was curious to learn something about the guy.


It’s an affectionate tribute, but the real gem from the piece comes in the last sentence.  Paul Smith attributes much of his success to this:


“Every day of my life I witness something that makes me burst out laughing.”


Wow!  Now that’s a skill – and it got me thinking. . .


When I first meet with a couple, the conversation is lighthearted and even if there are sticky family issues to discuss, a couple is usually optimistic. Then, when I meet up with a couple just weeks from their great day, they often look haggard!


You don’t need me to remind you just how mad-crazy and bone-crunching life can be.  And planning a wedding, no matter the size, is draining.


However, the question I ask you is this:

Are you laughing? 

Are you feeling happy?


If not, what’s going on?

What’s draining you and what can you and your partner actively do to restore your ability to laugh?


Getting married is a serious undertaking.

Throwing a wedding is a serious undertaking.


And that’s why you gotta laugh!


If you’re doing more stressing and more crying than laughing, then something is out of alignment.


How can I help you??

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