How Not To Be Stressed On Your Wedding Day!


Theresa & Nick is the couple whose wedding photo is at the top of my homepage. I officiated their wedding last year. They’re a fun couple and each has a great, silly sense of humor. We hit it off right away.


When I arrived at their venue, Pelican Hill, they had not had a “first look.” I found each busy with photos and last-minute touches. I marveled at how relaxed they were. They each gave me a warm welcome – some couples are so nervous they barely recognize who I am! Teresa and Nick were not just happy – they were joyful.


The sad thing is that too many of my couples are more stressed than joyful in that hour before their ceremony.


I’m now convinced that THE question is – how can you be joyful on your wedding day?


I think the answer is rather simple. You can do what Teresa and Nick did ~


  • You invite the right guests – only those people who mean something important to you.


  • You hire the right team of vendors – and let them do what you’re paying them to do.


  • You successfully navigate the shoals of parents’ demands.


  • You believe without a twinge that this is the person you want to travel through life with.


And I think there’s something else you can do – “should” do. . .


There’s been much written on “gratitude” in the past few years especially with Oprah having popularized the gratitude journal. It’s not that I’m an ungrateful person, BUT I think in the past I’ve reacted in a stereotypical, New York jaded kind of way to the notion of a “gratitude journal.”


Recently, though, I’ve discovered / rediscovered the power of mindfully making the “giving of thanks” a part of my daily ritual.


The following snippet is from Jacqueline Lewis, co-founder of the World Gratitude Map and blogger at


I think wedding stress could be reduced if each day you followed the exercise Lewis suggests – just make the “three things” all related to your wedding.


It’s worth a try and I think you’ll be surprised – for the good!


Gratitude Exercise ~

For the next five days, do the following daily:


Think of three things that happened that day for which you’re grateful. Jot them down.


As days pass, you may notice that you’re now on the lookout throughout the day for reasons to be grateful.


You may easily come up with a dozen candidates that you’ll winnow to three for your list—and your attitude will perk up as you start to see the world in a more positive light.


So, how do you experience joy on your wedding day?


At the risk of sounding obnoxious – just do what I’ve suggested in this post!


And then abandon yourself to the joy of the experience – let yourself and your partner be carried high on all the love and joy family and friends bring to your celebration!


Could joy be that simple?

Yeah – it could be – and it is!


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