Not so Long Ago. . .

I am gobsmacked to realize that THIS is the kind of ad my mother was exposed to when she got married!

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  1. Believe it or not, my mother was thrilled to be a housewife and considered this ad as a positive reflection on what she valued. She loved cleaning and liked to cook. She wasn’t much on baking, but she managed a household of 5 and did charity work while being a devoted follower of her religion. She taught me how to knit, sew, and do needlecrafts. She had no aspirations to join the outer world in the workforce. All she wanted to be is a housewife and mother. She was a shy person and would have been content as a homemaker as they use to say for the rest of her life. But life interrupted her chosen journey and she had to go to work outside the home. My father needed her help and she became a reluctant part-owner of a toy store, salesperson, and later an assistant manager of a complaint department in a department store. She taught me so much over her lifetime. I will always be grateful for her practical life skills, her gentle way of speaking and solving problems, and most of all how she stepped up when needed and took on even more responsibilities when called upon. She wanted more for me though. She recognized that I had different goals and encouraged me to follow my own path. Although she passed away 15 years ago, she still guides me today as I face the ups and downs of life knowing that where there is a will, there is a way to survive and thrive.

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  2. My pleasure JP:) It’s so funny how a great vintage ad can evoke such a strong emotional reaction from a reader. I credit my mom with a lot of positive reinforcement of my dreams. But like you have shared with me and your listeners of the Wedding Ceremony Podcast, your mom was a strong personality and full of those “mom platitudes and zingers”. I got a heavy dose of that too. They were just wrapped in a more subtle sugar-coated guilt
    framed monologue.

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