My 10 Most Beautiful Ceremony Moments, Pt. 2

You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. 
And then you meet one person, and your life is changed. 
Jamie, Love and Other Drugs

When people learn that I officiate weddings, inevitably they ask me, “what was your oddest wedding experience?” I’ve had many an odd experience (check out two of my more recent posts). 


Seldom do people ask me, “what was your most beautiful wedding moment?”

I’ve officiated many ceremonies that I could dub “fave.” Beautiful, though, is a different dubbing. It’s a moment that made me realize I was standing in the middle of sheer beauty, mystery and life.

Here are 5 more of 10 such moment memories. . .

  1. The sight of a confident, of-so-happy 73-year-old first-time bride walk down the aisle to her groom, a blubbering mess.
  • The groom was Persian Muslim and the bride was Israeli Jewish. They waited 15-years to win over their families to their love. And they did. We stood beneath a Chuppah and to the side was the Sofreh Table. Honey, wine, sugar, bountiful blessings. Courage and generosity in abundance. Breathtaking and humbling in a flash.
  • The bride asked her 75-year-old grandmother and the groom asked his 80-year-old grandmother to serve as their flower “girls.” Never have rose petals been scattered with such exuberance and joy and pride and life.
  • The couple hosted their wedding near Joshua Tree Park at a 1970’s style resort owned by the bride’s family. Guests sat on bales of hay nestled in one of the few shady spots on the property. The groom and I were in place. There was no wedding party. The dj began the Processional music – Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokoviev. The bride and her dad started their walk a distance away, wending through a path bordered by bales of hay. It was so hot the air really did shimmer and as the music filled the desert it looked like she was walking on air. Simply ethereal. 
  • Standing before my goddaughter Meredith and her husband Cole as they gifted each other with their vows. From the corner of my eye I caught sight of Meredith’s parents whose own wedding I officiated over 30 years ago. A beautiful wedding moment – Because.

BONUS: Any time a bride processes to the music from Lakme Flower Duet!   

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