More Ceremony Memories

True love is never blind, but rather brings an added light.

Phoebe Cary, American poet

I was way early for the ceremony and popped into the resort’s café for a latte. A friendly female server asked me why I was at the resort. She became excited when I told her I’m an officiant.

Like a child asking for a bedtime story, she said, “Tell me something about the couple!”

My first thought was, “Why?” but I told her, “They found love later in life.”

Her eyes lit up, “How wonderful!”

I smiled, “There’s hope for all of us.”

She readily replied, “Oh, thank you for sharing this with me!”

I hadn’t thought what I shared was all that special – but – it seemed to have made her day.

And so, here is what I like to think of as a hodge-podge of goodness. No one item has really inspired me to write a full-on blog post and yet, each item is just too good – for various reasons – not to share with YOU!


In the courtyard of my condo building, I recently ran into my neighbor David and his wife, Sylvia (all names changed). Gotta say, they looked rather drab – or maybe they had just had an argument. 

Two weeks ago they had celebrated their wedding.

And that’s the thing about weddings – eventually, you return from the euphoria of your celebration to the ordinary routine of your daily life.

How does your wedding help you make that adjustment?

Your VOWS –

Your vows are really all about the ordinary routine of your daily life.

Your vows give you the generosity and joy to be faithful to that routine – to find and create meaning in that routine – to find and create life in daily life!


Bill and Joan had been together for more than 20 years. He had been married twice before and she had been a widow. Now, they finally decided to “tie the knot.”

It was a micro wedding and, of course, it started late. Surrounded by their blended family, their ceremony was sweet and poignant.

There is a specialness to a couple marrying in the “last third” of their of life. Careers are completed. Kids are raised. Dreamed-of trips have been taken. Family politics have been handled.

So, what’s left?


In a new permutation.

There is always newness of life – and I think that’s what your vows commit to – to always and forever be creating a life-giving life together.


I had officiated Gary’s and Trish’s wedding nine years ago. They invited me to bless Zoe when she was born two years ago and now invited me back for the blessing of six-month old twins Miles and Gavin.

I marveled at how calm Gary and Trish were even though they had three kids and a house-full of guests for the celebration.

Trish’s mom told me that’s how they are even when all three kids are crying at once!

Wow! This puts wedding stress into perspective!


One of my MOST fave compliments I’ve received – 

“You made me feel like there were a billion people in the room. I felt so much love.”

Swoon-worthy vow from a groom –

“I vow to show my love so often, that you see it when you close your eyes.”

One of the smartest grooms I’ve encountered – 

When I asked if he’d turn off his phone he replied, “I don’t have my phone – all the people I love most in the world are here – I don’t need a phone.”

Are you thinking of writing personal vows to each other?

If so, I invite you to check out my book –

How to Write Your Vows: Giving Voice to What Is Deep Within


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