End Of Summer Thoughts On Marriage

Anyone who knows me knows that I love officiating weddings.

I love celebrating a ceremony for a host of reasons – and one of those reasons is that I get to be a part of one of the most intimate moments in a couple’s life.

Throughout the summer, I looked at brides and grooms, straight and gay, and I marveled at what I saw.

I saw people who are downright daring in their embrace of life – no matter how nervous or whack-a-do they may appear!

It struck me this summer with a new found force that when two people enter into marriage, it really is a




Confounding and generous pledge.

Here’s what I think you’re pledging (and what I’m helping you to celebrate):


You’re pledging. . .

To be the witness of each other’s life

To help each other make sense of life’s surprises

To create a legacy together

To be steady for each other in the midst of randomness

To find peace in the routine of everyday life

To give each other life but not be each other’s life

To trust you will be valued even when you’ve forgotten how

To be brave in sickness

To believe “we can” and “we will” in all those WTF moments

To make yourself necessary to your spouse

To believe that together you’re smarter than any smart phone

To believe that friends and family deserve a place at your table laden with good food, good drink and good story


And in pledging all this, I think you’re also admitting that neither of you really understand the true meaning of what you’re vowing BUT that you are committed to understanding it more clearly day in and day out – all the days of your life.

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