Desperately Romantic Sentiments Offered by Brides and Grooms!

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Couples will sometimes ask if I have copies of vows offered by other couples.


I don’t.


Because your vows are such an intimate expression of your love, I don’t feel comfortable keeping copies to use as “examples.”


However, sometimes a bride or groom will utter a sentence that stabs me in the heart and I jot it down.


This post is a sampling of some of those jottings.


Note: I actually did not officiate the ceremony for all of these couples. Some of these sentiments I found in other places. Also the photos do not match up with the actual couples.


However, I think you’ll be as moved as I am by some of these sentiments!



I think love isn’t something you necessarily fall in to but you ascend to.

She presented enough challenges early on for me to ascend to not only love her


to be worthy of her love.

Jon-Sesrie Goff of his wife Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich





Together we will leave the world a better place.

Kirk Spahn vows to Jennifer Alden





I vow to show my love so often, that you see it when you close your eyes.

Alejandro Gac-Artigas to Lisa Gibes





Of my own accord I present myself, my days, my nights and my life.

I present them freely and willingly

because they cannot be better spent than in your company.

Melissa Richard to Frank Oteri





In the days leading up to the wedding, I’ve felt like I’m wading

into a pool of joy and I don’t know the depth of the joy yet.

Nathaniel Peters of his marriage to Barbara Jane Sloan





You have helped me become the woman I didn’t even know I wanted to be.






I don’t know if I’m even brave enough to love someone as brave as you.





I vow to know and receive you deeply and with compassion.





Forgive early, kiss slowly, love wholeheartedly, laugh loudly

because life may not be the party we all hope for.

Yael Raz, the bridegroom’s mother

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