Are You Comfortable Receiving LOVE?


I’m constantly copying snippets from newspaper articles, blogs and books that speak to weddings, commitment, marriage and love.

Here’s a snippet from an article by Pulitzer Prize winning Sarah Kaufman ­– the article is about ballet and has really nothing to do with weddings – BUT I love the last sentence and invite you to savor it. . .

One night, former ABT principal Susan Jaffe and her dance partner Jose Manuel Carreno left the theater to find a table in the walkway set with chocolate cake and punch, while a crowd of fans in paper hats sang “Happy Birthday.” (The dancers’ birthdays fall in the same month.) Admirers also have given Jaffe paintings, letters and, once, a mink coat.

The gifts were astonishing, Jaffe said, and simply being greeted with appreciation after performances always moved her. But at the final performance of her 22-year career, she made a concerted effort “to open up to the audience,” and this, she said, is when she arrived at a different understanding of those who sought only to give.

Taking bows that night, being showered with applause (and flowers), “was almost a spiritual moment,” she said. “In my whole career, I was so busy worrying about my balances and my performance that I forgot about receiving. I didn’t spend enough time appreciating being the receiver of love.”


Washington Post

By Sarah L. Kaufman

January 24, 2019

Two questions for YOU as you plan for your wedding ~

  • Do you allow yourself to appreciate being the receiver of your partner’s love?
  • Do you and your partner allow yourselves to be the receivers of the love offered you by family and friends?


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