15 Questions for Staying Sane While Creating the Wedding Celebration You Will Remember for All the Right Reasons!

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou

  1. What most excites you as think about the planning? What most worries / concerns you?
  2. Do you know what’s a deal breaker?
  3. Do you know what presses your buttons?
  4. Have you assembled a team to help you deal with what worries you and share in what excites you?  
  5. What are the politics surrounding your families? How will you support each other while sorting through family quirks and unfair narcissism?
  6. You will be surprised by people – they can get odd. How will you deal with the oddness?
  7. Do you know the difference between being assertive and aggressive? 
  8. What’s most important to you? Really, what’s most important?
  9. You do know that there is a difference between accommodating your partner’s wants and insensitively not caring? Repetitively saying, “whatever she wants” is not a sign of support because your wedding is a celebration of the TWO of you. 
  10. Is there anything your partner does (pre-wedding planning) that annoys you? You do know it will really annoy you during planning?
  11. Are you in genuine agreement about your budget, agreeing on what would be nice to have and what is important to have?
  12. Do you know there’s a difference between having a budget and being cheap?
  13. Do you have a favorite way to show appreciation?
  14. Do you know the difference between magic and perfection?
  15. Have you found a fab officiant?!

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