My name is JP Reynolds and I officiate non-denominational, interfaith, cross-cultural and same-sex wedding ceremonies.

Ordained 20+ years, I’ve met hundreds of good, funny, wonderful couples. I’ve officiated ceremonies as diverse as Muslim/Hindu, Buddhist/Jewish, Christian/Atheist.

I’ve seen a pot-bellied pig as a ring bearer and a bride’s cousin belly dance with a sword balanced on her head as she presented the rings!

I’m not going to say that I’ve seen it all, but I’ve witnessed a lot. And I’ve loved it all.

I don’t work from pre-printed ceremonies because I want your families and friends to recognize "you" in your ceremony and so I tailor the ceremony to YOU.

I believe that in a wedding, a couple invites family and friends to celebrate the great good they have found in each other – and to bear witness as they pledge to continue to create a life-giving life together.

For a day, a weekend, folks put aside the messiness of daily life and remember what really matters — love, loyalty, family and friends. This is what I help a couple celebrate.

My hope is that your ceremony provides a touchstone for your life together.


I'm often asked why I like officiating weddings. Well, I can't imagine not celebrating wedding ceremonies. And while it's not the only thing I do – I also teach, write, consult and speak – it's a dimension of my life that gives me life.

Why do I love weddings? The simple answer is that I love stories. Every couple that comes to me not only has a story, every couple is a story!

I love listening to the myriad ways in which people first met, and I especially enjoy having them tell me the story of what happened after that first meeting – the story of how they've gone about creating a life – often times a life that has surprised them in terms of where it has taken them.

Why do I love weddings? I love them because I continually stand in awe of people's courage and daring and hope. It's simply not possible to commit to another person without the courage, daring and hope that necessarily undergirds all faith and love.

I love weddings because I love looking at a couple's guests as they mingle about before the ceremony and then as they sit in anticipation of the ceremony's start. I love feeling the wave of emotion that ripples throughout the gathering.

I look at the guests and I know that they know how brutally tough and demanding life can be – that not every day can be as joyful as that day, BUT I see the hope and the excitement in their eyes.

I love standing in the middle of so much hope!

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I know that five years after your ceremony, no one will remember what I said BUT they will remember how your ceremony made them feel. My hope is that five years later your guests smile warmly when they think on your celebration!

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