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Pre-Marital Conseling
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Pre-marital counseling
Pre-Marital Counseling

Couples ask if I require pre-marital counseling sessions. I donít.
However. . .

I believe the quality of your life together is in direct proportion to the quality of your communication.

Pre-marital counseling is about a couple standing back and taking a look at how they communicate with each other. How well do you let your partner know what you want and need?

How well do you express your feelings? What kind of games do you play with each other? Pre-marital counseling is really pre-marital communication coaching.

Planning for a wedding puts incredible strains on your relationship. How you manage those strains is only as good as your communication skills.

Good communication skills are the foundation of your life together.

Good communication skills help you deal with the weird, unfair demands of family and friends. They help you establish boundaries so as to create the wedding you want.

Interested in learning more? CLICK HERE You do not need to be one of my couples to arrange pre-marital counseling sessions. CLICK HERE for your free copy of my book EVER THINE, EVER MINE, EVER OURS: Choosing The Right Words For Your Vows.

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