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Wedding Ceremony

I officiate non-denominational, interfaith, cross-cultural and same sex wedding ceremonies.

Ordained 20 years, I’ve met hundreds of good, funny, wonderful couples. I’ve officiated wedding ceremonies as diverse as Muslim/Hindu, Muslim/Jewish, Christian/Atheist.

I’ve seen a pot-bellied pig as a ring bearer and a bride’s cousin belly dance with a sword balanced on her head as she presented the rings!

I’m not going to say that I’ve seen it all, but I’ve witnessed a lot. And I’ve loved it all.

In addition to officiating weddings, I provide pre-marital counseling to couples wanting to strengthen their communication skills. In the short term, these skills help you negotiate the wackiness of wedding planning and, in the long term, help you make your life strong and sane.

I invite you to download my booklet "Why I Love Weddings."


JP Reynolds

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Wedding Ceremony